You can impact the life of a young person when you choose to sponsor a child with Our Father’s Heart. Regular sponsorship for a child in primary school  is £25 per month to provide an education, medical fees and provision for essential needs. You too, can change a life for the cost of  just 2 cappuccinos a week! 

Nelson Echimu

David Nyangan

Age: 15 Years old

David's Aunt has taken care of him for the last 11 years, after he was abandoned by his parents.  David says he loves studying and that he enjoys going to school. David has responsibilities each morning, when he wakes up he does the sweeping around the compound and the gardening.

He plays in the afternoon with his friends. His bestfriend is called Max. He says that he wants tobecome a driver in the future.

David is a jolly, kind boy who always has a smile onhis face. He loves asking questions and he has many friends.

Samuel Otichokor

Samuel Otichokor

Age: 13 Years old

Sam is a young man we’ve seen grow in confidence over the last few years and he is head boy at the school he is at, in his final year of primary.

Sam is one of many children, he lived with his grandmother for much of his younger childhood, and life was hard as she was an alcoholic. Sam, adores his mother, has spent many a day running away to go back to visit her

Sam’s now in boarding school, has the potential to do well in his education, and he’d like to go on to secondary to study if he achieves his grades.

Doreen Apolot

Doreen Apolot

Age: 14 Years old

Doreen is  currently in the last year of primary. Doreen has been finding it hard at the moment because her parents have divorced, so she stays at her paternal Grandparents.

 Doreen has a stammer, struggling to pronounce certain words, and feels she is often overlooked because of her disability, but she says she’s determined to make a future for herself.

Early in the morning she wakes up to fetch water, do household chores and work on her grandparents land, she’s hardworking and shows great strength.

Simon Peter Opedun

Simon Peter

Age: 16 Years old

Simon Peter is 16 years old, and training to be a mechanic. Simon's homelife is troubled, which led to Simon Peter living on the streets & getting into trouble with the local police.

Simon Peter loves to play football & a local game called Mweso. He’s a fine young man who at times struggles to manage his emotions.

He's now engaging well with OFH & is keen to be in employment once he's completed his qualification.





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