“Now I can buy the things I could never afford before”

Emmanuel was orphaned before he even reached secondary school. His father died when he was just 3 years old, leaving him to live alone with his mother. Life was difficult as she did not have a job, relying on harvesting crops in their village instead to provide their lively hood as they struggled for money.

Despite it being a struggle to pay his school fees on time, Emmanuel progressed in primary school, advancing up to P4 before someone told him about Seeds of Hope.
Once Emmanuel’s situation became known to Seeds of Hope help quickly arrived. They were able to pay his school fees and provide the scho-lastic materials he needed, and made sure he had anything else he needed to make sure he could stay in education.

Emmanuel’s Story Continued

Tragically, his mother then fell ill during his final year of primary school and later died in hospital, meaning Emmanuel had to depend on the help of family friends at just 11 years old. He was placed into a boarding school so he could complete a three year course in carpentry and joinery.

That was 10 years ago and Emmanuel is now 21, working two jobs and living on his own in Kumi town. As well as working as a carpenter for a local workshop, he also takes shifts working for Pepsi which allow him to live independently. In his spare time he enjoys playing foot-ball for local team Kumi United as a midfielder.


“I want to show my appreciation to Seeds of Hope. It was always really nice to receive letters from my spon-sor Wrote letters to his sponsor very nice to receive
I thank them for getting me to where I am. I enjoy my job as a carpenter, it allows me to buy the things I could never afford before”

Emmanuel wanted to pass on his story to other children in difficult situations.


“I always tell them going to school is very good, learn-ing to read and write is so important as you would get lost without those skills”



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