“I love my sponsors so much, I thank God for their support”

Martha had just started secondary school when she fell pregnant, forcing her to stop her studies. Upon hearing the news her unborn child’s father quickly disassociated himself from her and left the country, never to be heard from again and leaving Martha to face her situation alone.

Martha delivered her son, Bobby, when she was 17. She left school to live back home with her parents and become a full time mother. However, even with their support there was very little money available and she would often worry about how to look after Bobby, especially as he frequently fell sick.

Martha’s Story Continued

That was until Seeds of Hope stepped in and offered Martha financial support for Bobby’s health care and sponsorship for herself to allow her to return to her studies and train as a tailor and a hairdresser.

After qualifying, Martha is able to support both herself and Bobby as she works freelancing as a hair dressing, whilst also using her tailoring knowledge to make clothes for them both and her family.

Now Martha is 24, and her son Bobby is 6 years old. Martha has a lovely relationship with her sponsors, whom she exchanged letters and photographs with during her sponsorship. Once Martha has finished her education, her Seeds of Hope sponsors decided to continue supporting her by sponsoring her son, Bobby, to enable him to start school.’


“I love (my sponsors) Mummy and Daddy so much, I thank God for their support, they have really helped me and now they are supporting my son which I can’t thank them enough for.”

“I teach Bobby that education is key, without it there is no success. I thank Seeds of Hope for all they have done for us both.”



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