“Keep trying, because the destiny God has purposed for you is in God’s hands…”

In her own words Annet tells her story, of how with the support of her sponsorship from Seeds of Hope she was able to over come her incredibly difficult childhood circumstances to accomplish her dream of attending University…

“I am Akomolot Annet Mary, my mother is Tabingwa Agnes and my father is Okello Philip. My mother works in Seeds of Hope as a cook and my father does not have a job. I have three siblings; the first born is Caro, then Moses, Emma and I am the last born. Since my childhood I have been living with my mother since our father abandoned us. My health was not all that bad, except I had attacks from malaria and typhoid…

Annet’s Story Continued

When I was a child, I found life difficult since my father had abandoned us when I was 2 years old. They chased us from our own land and my father sold all the land that belonged to us. So we moved to town with our mother who was jobless, we had to gamble with life. My mother started work as a cook in a restaurant in order to raise some money for our feeding, paying rent and to cater for the scholastic materials for my other siblings before I joined school. I was so sickly and getting treatment was not easy, we did not have enough food and some days we could sleep hungry. I lacked clothes since my mother did not have a well-paying job to cater for everything in the family.


When I started school, life was difficult in that I lacked the scholastic materials and studies did not move on well. For my primary level I studied in a government school until I completed primary level. My mother got another job as a cook in Kumi Child Development Centre under PAG KUMI. So she is the one who got a connection to Seeds of Hope where I got the sponsorship when I was in the secondary level, senior two. I was 14 years old, in 2012, in Bishop Maraka College.


When I got the sponsorship, what they did for me was great, they provided my tuition, provided the scholastic materials and I also got clothse. This time I found academics easy because they could provide me with everything that I needed while at school. Through the help I got from Seeds of Hope, it helped me to concentrate on studies since I had all the scholastic materials needed and I managed to pass very well from the ordinary level that is senior four and I proceeded to the higher secondary level that is senior five and six, whereby I also managed to pass very well and got a government sponsorship to go to the university where I am now.


I am still at school at Gulu University where I am pursuing a bachelors degree in arts education (English Literature). I have hope that after school life will not be the same again as before. The advice I have for other children in difficult situa-tions is that however difficult the situation is, they should believe in God as being the source of everything, who knows their situations and the one to bring a change in their lives in different ways. They should not stop studying, they should keep trying because the destiny God has pur-posed for them is in God’s hands. My plan for the future is that after school, I get a job and do something that can change the situation in our family.


I end by saying that I thank Seeds of Hope so much for the help rendered to me through my secondary school education and laying a very good foundation for me because the level I have reached now I have confidence that my life will not remain the same in years to come. My prayer is that God bless you so much and the work of your hands as you continue your charity work.”



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