Sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe in you

We believe that the key to a bright and happy future is a good education. By opening the door to this to children in Uganda we can give them the best possible chance at the life they deserve and a safe space to grow and flourish.

Our Approach

No two children are the same and neither is our approach. By discovering what makes a difference to every child and family we work with, we can better help them on their journey. For some this might be help with school or medical fees, for others transportation, or usable life skills. Perhaps later if they have a good idea, it might be a business start-up grant. With your support, we can unlock the potential in these young people, whatever it takes.

The Wider Community

Through both self-referrals and those from the wider community, we find and identify children in need of support and assess how to best give them the help they need. This doesn’t just change the lives of our sponsored children but gives the community itself the tools and knowledge it needs to survive and thrive long-term. We might not be able to change every life, but supporting even one allows them to spread the joy of education and creates a sense of hope that can only grow stronger.


How we Help

All of our work on the ground in the Kumi district of Uganda is supported by Robinah, our qualified social worker – who knows better than anyone how important the opportunity to receive an education really is.

Once a child is sponsored, we ensure that each of our children’s progress is carefully monitored and supported to give them the very best opportunity to thrive and flourish.

Joel Omoding
Joel Omoding

Your Donation

All of our funding comes because of the generosity of people like you – our supporters and you can be confident in knowing that we use these donations carefully and considerately.

You can choose to sponsor a child, or contribute to our general fund that supports many individuals – whichever you choose, you can be sure that every penny you donate to Our Father’s Heart directly impacts those we support.


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